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This podcast is derived from a seminar on Richard and Daniel Susskind's book, The Future of the Professions.  This group of Flinders postgraduates and staff probe this book and if / how digitization transforms the professions.

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Tara introduces the vexed and complex issue of authorship during a doctoral programme.  How is authorship to be discussed during a PhD supervisory relationship, and how is authorship regulated and managed?

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Tara presents this lunchtime seminar for PhD supervisors offering twenty quick strategies to enable a quick doctoral completions.

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Tara presents this short introduction to academic integrity.  This session provides the flipped foundation for a lunchtime seminar for supervisors at Flinders University.

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Steve, Sunny and Tara talk through the challenges of Sunny's last chapter.  As always happens in the last stages of a PhD, emotional and intellectual doubts emerge.  How can PhD students manage perfectionism while finishing a PhD?

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Tara, Steve and Mick probe the 'frame' in his meme research.  Is a meme a frame?  Is the meme the carrier for content?

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Tara and Steve  talk about a key moment in the Australian PhD candidature:  the Confirmation of Candidature.  Compared to other international examples, this session is held very early in the research project.  Steve and Tara talk about the strengths and challenges of this system for students, supervisors and the university.

Tara talks with Bronwyn about science fiction.  Bronwyn Lovell is completing a creative-led PhD, probing the limitations and capacities of science fiction.  They discuss Dr Who, Star Trek, fantasy and film, arguing for the importance of women writing, directing and producing science fiction.

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Karen Jacobs and Tara introduce the new system of Milestones at Flinders university.  What are milestones and why are they useful to part time and full time research higher degree students?

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