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The PhD students and supervisors from the Prideaux Centre for Research in Health Professions Education talk with Tara about their expectations going into a PhD and how they were managed through the candidature.  

So much of higher education - and teaching and learning more generally - is based on assumptions.  But what is the point of a PhD oral examination?  What is its role for students and supervisors, and international universities?  

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Tara and Steve present some options for men and women who have never really considered the role of social media in research dissemination.  What are the best platforms?  What arguments may convince researchers who have shared their research in this way.  This podcast takes you from zero to social media hero.

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Sunny, Steve and Tara go into theory.  They explore Stuart Hall's theorizing and how it frames Sunny's thesis.  Tara goes hard on the current state of cultural studies (again).  Steve and Sunny are patient with her.

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Tara and Steve have a sad announcement for podcast listeners.  Mick Winter - our remarkable PhD student - has died.  Steve and Tara talk about 'what's next' and what will happen to his thesis now.

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Amy Seymour-Walsh talks with Tara about her PhD and her innovative strategy to move from a series of ideas and incomplete chapters and to a full first PhD draft.  

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Tara and Steve offer concrete options and opportunities for PhD students and early career researchers when considering how to write their first refereed article.

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Tara, Steve and Anne probe what it means when the word 'educator' is replaced by 'teacher'?  Particularly, they probe the consequences of changing the language from 'early childhood educator' to 'early childhood teacher.'

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Steve and Tara introduce Mark Brown's mock confirmation of candidature.  They talk about the value of a mock event and how students can improve and learn through this process.  The podcast also includes Mark's live and raw mock CoC and how - in real time - he created improvement.

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Tara and Steve talk about academic journalism as a mode and means of dissemination for scholarship.  When should academics consider journalism?  What are the challenges and pitfalls?  And - how can 'unpopular' topics gain momentum in popular culture?

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