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What are the reasons to choose to enrol in a research masters rather than a doctor of philosophy?  Steve and Tara talk through the differences for students, supervisors and examiners and - once more - recognize the key skill of time management in supervision.

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What happens to part-time PhD students through a milestone process?  Tara talks about the use and value of interim milestones

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Tara talks about the final PhD Milestone that moves student from candidature to examination.  She also talks about this challenging moment for students and supervisors and strategies to make this easier.

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Tara talks about the 'difficult middle child' in the PhD Milestone Management System:  the mid-candidature review.  What are key tactics and strategies to enable completion of a PhD and success through the processes?

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Tara introduces the first milestone in Flinders University's new Milestone system.  The first milestone - in the first year - is Confirmation of Candidature.

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Flinders University is introducing milestones in 2017.  Tara introduces a quick series on each of the milestones.  This first session asks why milestones are necessary, and their value to learning, teaching, students and supervisors.

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Mick, Steve and Tara are entering the final drafting stages of Mick's thesis.  They have decided to work on two book proposals - one academic and one trade - while the drafting is taking place.  The unexpected benefit of this scheme is that Mick is not only producing two books for his post-thesis future, but also reflecting on the entire thesis, while still enrolled as a candidate.

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Steve, Tara and Sunny enter the final stage of her thesis.  Steve and Tara introduce a strategy to keep this final difficult stage fresh for Sunny while also enabling her - remarkable - future career.

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Tara and Steve talk about the victory of Donald Trump.  They explore the nature of 'the elites' and 'the establishment,' with attention to whiteness, femininity, heteronormativity and class.  More significantly, what do we learn about the nature of education, teaching, learning and reading from this 'victory'?  And what do 'we' do next?

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Tara presents a podcast version of a talk she delivered for doctoral candidates at the University of the West of Scotland.  This talk is followed by commentary and conversation by the PhD students, offering recommendations and advice for completing a doctorate in the minimum time.