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Tara Brabazon podcast

Jun 29, 2011

Tara introduces unobtrusive research methods.  When is it best to avoid focus groups, interviews and surveys and think about alternative research methods?

Jun 29, 2011

Tara's presentation introduces research methods.  She explores the relationship between 'the how' and 'the why' of research.

Jun 22, 2011

Tara talks to Steve Redhead, asking him about the definitions and applications of critical criminology.

Jun 8, 2011

Tara Brabazon talks with Mick Winter about his new book, Scan Me:  Everybody's guide to the magical world of QR codes.  They talk about the potential of local content delivered via mobile phones in an appropriate time and place.  As part of geosocial networking, QR codes have found their historical moment.  For further...

Jun 7, 2011

What is the difference between (higher) education and training?  Are students 'overqualified' for their first job?  This podcast explores the consequences of tabloid fixations with an 'overqualified' workforce.