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Tara Brabazon podcast

Sep 30, 2010

Tara Brabazon talks with Boniswa Vaz Contreiras at the end of her candidature, just before her journey back...

Sep 24, 2010

How can teachers and learners use social media for teaching and learning, rather than socializing?

Sep 24, 2010

Tara Brabazon uses her expertise as both a supervisor and examiner to show how to fail - and indeed how to pass - a Doctor of Philosophy

Sep 12, 2010

Mick Winter and Tara Brabazon present an orientation for distance education students.  This is the second part of the orientation, where Mick asks his key questions about how to manage a distance education MA degree.

Sep 11, 2010

Tara Brabazon talks with Mick Winter about his experience and advice for distance education students enrolled in a graduate degree.