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Tara Brabazon podcast

Sep 29, 2020

Are you interested in disseminating research with clarity, precision and purpose?  Are you interested in finding new audiences for complex ideas?  Then it is time we talk about multimodality.

Sep 29, 2020

Mobility - and Mobility Studies - is a potent and expansive way to think about power and inequality.  But what is mobility - and why does it matter?

Sep 29, 2020

What is an intellectual and how can PhD students - and scholars - live an intellectual life?

Sep 24, 2020

This next episode of Smash Cut - the accelerated professional development programme for higher degree students - explores Oral History.  While other research methods focus on representativeness and repeatability, Oral History interviews have a different function.

Sep 17, 2020

Welcome to this short professional development exploring creative industries.